As notaries our obligation is to be neutral and consider the interests of all parties. At the same time, we also see ourselves as modern service providers. Our greatest priority lies in the special quality of our work and the extraordinary attention and care we give our clients. We naturally bring a high degree of dedication, commitment, and flexibility to our assignments and place unique value on devising individual and pragmatic solutions.

History of the Firm

Our firm enjoys a long tradition. Our notary office has been in continuous operation as a law partnership practice in the WZ-Center (formerly known as Girardet House) since the 1950’s. At that time the partnership comprised the notaries Franz Westhoff and Dr. Wolfgang van Randenborgh. In 1973 Franz Westhoff was succeeded by his son Michael Westhoff in the firm. The notary Dr. Braunfels then succeeded Dr. van Randenborgh and joined in partnership with Michael Westhoff in 1997. Most recently, Dr. Oppermann was appointed a notary to succeed Michael Westhoff in 2008.