We provide you with comprehensive support in the design of contracts and other legal relationships and develop answers to all questions relating to the precautionary administration of justice. Our activities cover the full range of notarial tasks, functions, and responsibilities, especially in the following areas.

Business and Corporate Law

  • Incorporation of Companies
  • Support of Shareholders’ Meetings
  • Acquisition and Sale of Company Shareholdings
  • Reorganizations and Restructurings
  • Corporate Succession
  • Commercial Registry Registrations

Real Estate

  • Purchase and Sale of Properties, Houses, and Condominiums
  • Division of a Property into Apartments and Partial Ownerships
  • Support for Professional Real Estate Investors
  • Property Developer Purchasing Contracts
  • Liens and Mortgages

Inheritance & Bestowals

  • Wills and Inheritance Contracts
  • Anticipated Successions/Bestowals
  • Compulsory Share Regulations
  • Certificate of Inheritance Obtainment Procedures
  • Inheritance Distribution
  • Bequests of Legacies
  • Execution of Wills

Family Law

  • Marriage Contracts
  • Separation and Divorce Agreements
  • Marriage-Related Benefits
  • Adoptions
  • Civil Union Contracts

Incapacity Provisions

  • Appointment of Healthcare Proxies
  • Appointment of Legal Health Care Representatives
  • Living Wills

International Affairs

  • Design of contracts that involve foreign nationals
  • Support of foreign companies
  • Proofs of representation for foreign companies